Garden Construction ProcessDuring the construction phase, the contractor is responsible for the construction of all hardscape details, watering and electrical systems, and the construction of the garden beds per the design specifications. I will continue to oversee the project during construction to make sure that the plans are interpreted correctly and that construction is completed in a timely manner. All work completed by a contractor will be billed directly to you by the contractor.

Plant Purchase

I will develop a plant list and arrange a detailed planting plan which will be transferred onto the vellum base map. This may be a broad plan that includes primarily trees and shrubs or, if you prefer, it may be a very detailed design incorporating perennials and bulbs.

I try to purchase plants at a wholesale price and pass this savings on to you. However, unusual perennials are sometimes found only at retail nurseries.

I will determine the required soil amendments to be incorporated by the contractor. I will place the plants according to the planting plan and the contractor will plant them to my specifications and under my supervision. When the entire garden is planted, a top dressing of mulch is applied to conserve moisture and suppress weeds.