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I was privileged to be a member of a dedicated core committee who spent five years developing The Eastmoreland Garden. With the help of many volunteers, donors and local businesses, we transformed an unsightly, gravel parking lot into a public park that is now a garden gateway into the neighborhood.

The availability of two art deco light pillars from the original 1934 Bybee Bridge prompted us to weave a strong historical component into the garden design and to stroll through the garden is a lesson in the history of the area. The pillars were placed on opposing corners of SE 27th and Bybee and I surrounded them with drought tolerant plants that receive no irrigation, even during the long hot months of summer.

Eastmoreland Garden Plan

The master plan called for a central water feature but lack of funding compelled me to develop a planting plan that gives the general impression of a large flowing fountain. The garden was planted in bold swaths to make an impression on the many people who only see the garden while driving by in cars. The plantings were designed to give long periods of bloom and are enhanced by foliage that adds year round interest. Plants were repeated throughout to help reinforce the strength of the overall design.

Garden pavers may be purchased and donations made at www.eastmoreland.org
Contractor: 7 Dees Nursery