Your garden will take about three years to become fully established (trees and shrubs may, of course, take longer). If requested, I can visit the garden during the following years to observe how everything is filling in and make recommendations about plant care or possible bulbs or annuals that would add to the design of your garden.

I can also provide you with a Plant Maintenance Manual that will give you detailed information on the care and maintenance of the individual plants in your garden. This manual is tailored specifically for your garden so it is an invaluable tool.


The garden is like an outdoor room and the budget that you allocate for the design and construction should be comparable to that set aside for any important room in your house. The largest cost factor in any project is labor and this is the area where homeowners can save money if they have the time and ability to perform certain portions of the work themselves. Remember too that it is always an option to implement the project in phases, spreading out the cost over a period of years.

I work on a time and materials basis and charge for all travel time. My price is very competitive and the average design costs between $1000 and $2000 through the construction phase. You will receive a monthly invoice of services rendered.

I will be happy to develop your garden according to the guidelines listed above or I can simply come out to your property for a general consultation.